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Community of ethical hackers needed to prevent AI’s looming ‘crisis of trust’

7 mins read

The FINANCIAL — A global hacker “red team” and rewards for hunting algorithmic biases are just some of the recommendations from experts who argue that AI faces a “tech-lash” unless firm measures are taken to increase public trust.…

7 ways the EU keeps you safe online

7 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Did you know that hackers attack an average of 2,244 times a day globally, causing damage to the economy and hurting businesses? They can even have an impact on our personal lives! Phishing, hacking, data leaks and other cyber threats are among the biggest global risks of the decade after climate change (WEF). This is…

Cybrella partners with Pileus to provide security services for cloud environments

5 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Cybrella, a provider of specialized cybersecurity professional services utilizing in-depth knowledge of the attack landscape, today announced a partnership with Pileus to provide optimized security services for cloud-based environments. Most organizations today use cloud services and solutions for their day-to-day operations, and that trend is growing exponentially. However, securing cloud-based services and…

Nation-state hackers are using new tools to get paid ransoms

6 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Some of the world’s most skilled nation-state cyber adversaries and notorious ransomware gangs are deploying an arsenal of new open-sourced tools, actively exploiting corporate email systems and using online extortion to scare victims into paying ransoms, according to the 2020 Cyber Threatscape Report  from Accenture. Leveraging Accenture’s cyber threat intelligence (CTI) capabilities, the report —…

Bitcoin exchange might have a problem

5 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Bitcoin has been gaining popularity for past years, but despite this fact it still is cyber criminals’ favorite tool. Bitcoin also has a ransomware variant, known as Ryuk. Ryuk was created in 2018 and it is thought to have stolen $61 million since researchers have compiled and shared information with Binance that could…

Hackers are using fake coronavirus maps to spread malware

6 mins read

The FINANCIAL — There have identified several fake coronavirus tracker maps that infect people’s computers with malware. The tactic starts with hackers circulating links to malicious websites disguised as COVID-19 maps. When there is a crisis, people are hungry for information. As people seek out information about the spread of COVID-19, hackers are circulating fake…