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New Study Sheds Light On Early Human Hair Revolution

1 min read

The FINANCIAL– Among primates, including humans, hair is an important feature of diversity and evolution, serving functions tied to thermoregulation, protection, camouflage and signaling. However, the evolution of wild primate hair has remained relatively understudied until recently.…

A human tragedy at the greatest scale

5 mins read

As Ukraine faces an uncertain future amid the ongoing invasion by Russia, historians around the world are looking to the past to better understand the motivations of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the future. Few are as well-placed to analyze how Putin’s interpretation of history is playing into the current war as the University of Toronto’s…

£3.5 million for start-up giving robots a human touch

2 mins read

The FINANCIAL — A Scottish start-up at the Higgs Centre for Innovation, has raised £3.5 million to give robots a sense of a touch.…

Climate Changed the Size of our Bodies and, to Some Extent, our Brains

2 mins read

The FINANCIAL — The average body size of humans has fluctuated significantly over the last million years and is strongly linked to temperature. Colder, harsher climates drove the evolution of larger body sizes, while warmer climates led to smaller bodies. Brain size also changed dramatically but did not evolve in tandem with body size, University…