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UK: In 2018, there were an around 1.2 million LGB people, report

7 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- The proportion of the UK population aged 16 years and over identifying as heterosexual or straight decreased from 95.3% in 2014 to 94.6% in 2018.The proportion identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) increased from 1.6% in 2014 to 2.2% in 2018, according to Office for National Statistics.…

116 members of Congress demand to end transgender military ban

5 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Trump announced the transgender ban in July 2017. On April 12, 2019, the Trump administration banned transgender individuals from serving openly in the military. The Pentagon argues the policy is not a ban since it allows for waivers and because those who came out under the Obama administration’s policy, which allowed open transgender service, can…

Imperial College Business School supports the career advancement of LGBTQ+ professionals

3 mins read

Imperial College Business School has increased its support of the career advancement of LGBTQ+ professionals by becoming one of only two schools in the UK and five schools in Europe to join Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA).…