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Hints of a long COVID wave as Omicron fades

7 mins read

As weary Americans hold out hope that the decline of Omicron signals an end to the pandemic’s emergency phase, physicians who treat long COVID are worried about the potential for a new wave of cases.…

New definition for long COVID in children

3 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Researchers have developed new definitions for what long COVID is and the key effects in children, according to UKRI. This will help harmonise research and improve understanding of the condition.…

Long COVID sufferers face physical pain, physician skepticism

6 mins read

Dismissive doctors, inconclusive tests, and an array of debilitating symptoms all too often explained away as signs of mental, rather than physical, distress. That’s been the experience for many patients suffering long COVID, a poorly-defined, long-lasting suite of symptoms affecting millions of Americans.…

In the fight against COVID-19, antibodies are the best long-term weapon

3 mins read

When it comes to long-lasting protection against COVID-19, antibodies — proteins created by B cells to neutralize invading pathogens — are our biggest allies, a new Yale study shows.…

Over Two Million People in England Could Have Long COVID

2 mins read

The FINANCIAL —  A study of over half a million adults in England found that one in 20 had persistent COVID-19 symptoms. This could mean that over two million people in England could have long COVID, UKRI notes.…