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The Omega-3 Fatty Acid that May Improve Heart Health

3 mins read

EPA significantly reduces cardiovascular events. In 2018, a study found that a high dose of an omega-3 fatty acid given to patients with an elevated cardiac risk significantly reduced cardiovascular events, Harvard University notes.…

5 of the Best `joint supplements Backed by Science

10 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- Whether you’re an avid exerciser or not, joint support is important so that simple tasks are not difficult, Solgar notes. And while regular exercise, lots of sleep, and an anti-inflammatory diet are great ways to support joint health, sometimes they need a little more TLC. Here are a few of our favorite…

Omega 3 Market is growing with a CAGR of 7.32% through 2026

4 mins read

GEORGIA, EUROPE, April 1, 2020 / -- Increase in consumer awareness of the health benefits of omega-3 and an increase in product profiling and emerging applications that are seeking innovative ways to drive the demand for Omega-3 Market growth. Increased cognitive versatility of omega-3 which is currently gaining customer interest, DHA plays a vital role in…