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Significant Progress in Lithium-Air Battery Development

3 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- Research led by the University of Liverpool, in partnership with Johnson Matthey PLC and Loughborough University, is making significant progress in the development of stable and practical electrolytes for lithium-oxygen batteries.…

UNICEF Sends 3,000 Oxygen Concentrators and Other Critical Supplies to India

3 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- UNICEF has sent critical lifesaving supplies, including 3,000 oxygen concentrators, diagnostic tests, medical kits, and other equipment to help India in its battle with a deadly wave of COVID-19.…

Synairgen shares rise over 450% as COVID-19 drug has huge potential

6 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Synairgen plc, the respiratory drug discovery and development company which originated from research at the University of Southampton, is pleased to announce positive results from its clinical trial of SNG001, its wholly-owned inhaled formulation of interferon beta, in hospitalised COVID-19 patients. Researchers have announced the results of an initial trial which found the odds…

Scientists discovered the first animal that doesn’t need to breathe

5 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Researchers have discovered the only known animal that does not need oxygen to survive. It’s the first multicellular animal found in the wild to not have the DNA. Does this discovery mean that we should rethink the need for oxygen-based metabolisms as a prerequisite for animal life?  Researchers just discovered a unique organism…