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Vacancy Announcement for Investment Board Members of Pension Agency of Georgia

4 mins read

In 2018, Georgia adopted the Law of Georgia on Pensions Savings (hereinafter the “Law”), based on a defined contribution pension scheme, in which the employer, employee and the state make contributions on a regular basis.…

ICC Georgia’s criticized the draft Law on Accumulated Pension System

15 mins read

ICC Georgia, largest business organization has criticized new draft law on pension system introduced by the government. “According to the suggested pension reform there is no societal group that will be a beneficiary and at the same time satisfied with its results. Furthermore, economic, financial, and political risks are very high and in case of…

New Georgian Pension System to Slow Net Wage Growth

11 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- At just over USD 70, which is more than six times lower than in Turkey, and over 4 times lower than in Russia, Georgian pensioners have the lowest monthly pensions compared to their neighbour countries.…