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Why the semiconductor shortage won’t end soon

20 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- Your smartphone? It runs on a semiconductor. The innards of your PlayStation? It runs on a semiconductor. The display in your car? Yes, that too runs on a semiconductor, University of Pennsylvania notes.…

Ericsson second quarter profit rises

4 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Ericsson reported its second-quarter 2020 results, which shows that the gross margin was higher than expected. Ericsson’s position could also be strengthened if more countries follow the U.K. and ban Huawi from 5G. Company is ready to deliver larger volumes of equipment if Huawei bans spread. Omantel has selected Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) to support the…

TCL unveils it’s new foldable and rollable phone concepts

5 mins read

The FINANCIAL – TCL unveils new phone concepts, one of them is ordinary smartphone but spectacularly, you can tug on the right edge of the handset to roll out more display and increase the screen  to 7.8 inches. The other one is divided into three segments, each containing a 6.65-inch display, but when fully opened…