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During summer, hazardous mould species more abundant in rooms with windows

1 min read

The FINANCIAL — Levels of a fungus hazardous to patients with respiratory disease are more abundant in rooms with outside facing windows during the summer months, University of Manchester and Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) researchers have found.…

It’s not just hot. It’s dangerous

2 mins read

California just went through its hottest June on record, and July has continued to bring the heat, with Riverside and San Bernardino hitting the triple digits last week, and the mercury climbing to an unthinkable 130 degrees Fahrenheit in Death Valley. Given that we may be facing more of these extreme heat events in the…

Air France Will Serve Close to 200 Destination this Summer

2 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- In line with the gradual reopening of French borders and the lifting of certain travel restrictions, Air France teams at the airport and on board are fully mobilized to help customers reunite with their loved ones or reach their holiday destinations.…