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Memory Details Fade Over Time, With Only the Main Gist Preserved

2 mins read

The FINANCIAL  --  What information is retained in a memory over time, and which parts get lost? These questions have led to many scientific theories over the years, and now a team of researchers at the Universities of Glasgow and Birmingham have been able to provide some answers, University of Glasgow notes.…

Recyclable VEGGIE Battery Could Power Future Devices

3 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- A new type of 3D-printed battery which uses electrodes made from vegetable starch and carbon nanotubes could provide mobile devices with a more environmentally-friendly, higher-capacity source of power, University of Glasgow notes.…

Vaccine Hesitancy More Likely in Young People, Women and Some Ethnic Groups

2 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- Young people, women and some ethnic groups, including black, Pakistani and Bangladeshi groups, are less likely to take-up a COVID-19 vaccine when offered, according to new research according to University of Glasgow.…

UofG Researchers Aid in Historic Meteorite Recovery

5 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- University of Glasgow researchers have played a key role in the first successful recovery of a meteorite on UK soil in nearly three decades. Dr Luke Daly, from the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, was part of the international collaboration which tracked the entry of a fireball over Britain on Sunday 28…