Tajikistan harvested 790 thsd tonnes of grains

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The FINANCIAL — Tajikistan harvested nearly 790 thsd tonnes of grains, up 63 thsd tonnes compared with the same period last year, informed the plant growing department at the Ministry of Agriculture of Tajikistan on October 2, according to APK-Inform.

In the current year, the average grain yield reached 2.67 t/ha.

It is noted that the country can not completely meet its requirements in grains and flour of Tajik origin. Therefore, Kazakhstan is the main supplier of such commodities to Tajikistan.

According to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, during the first seven months of 2015 the country imported more than 467 thsd tonnes of grains and 88 thsd tonnes of flour, up 12.5%, and down 15.2% compared with the same period last year, respectively.


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