TBC Bank offers customers innovative new payment product – TBC Bracelet

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The FINANCIAL– For the first time in Georgia, TBC Bank customers will be able to make payments using the innovative new ‘TBC Bracelet’.

Paying with a TBC Bracelet is very easy and convenient. It means you don’t need to carry an e-wallet or card.

The bracelet is an environmentally friendly, waterproof, heat and frost resistant product and can be used wherever a payment terminal is located. The payment process is instantaneous and all that is required is to just approach the POS terminal with one’s bracelet for a payment to be made. The TBC Bracelet can also be used to withdraw from ATMs.

When using a TBC Bracelet, customers no longer need to carry extra items such as wallets or purses. Payment is especially comfortable therefore when travelling, skiing, spending time at the pool or gym.

TBC Bracelet can be purchased in any of TBC Bank’s branches, as well as on the website – https://www.tbcpayment.ge/en/ – where detailed information about the bracelet and its use is explained.

Some different designs and colours of bracelet are already available to users. TBC customers can now choose from which design and colour of bracelet they like.

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