TBC Mobile Bank adds innovative new function – sound assistant

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The FINANCIAL — TBC’s mobile banking app has added Georgia’s first voice assistant to its programme. From now on, the transfer of money via mobile banking will be made possible with the help of a voice assistant function.

To use this, customers should click on the symbol for the voice assistant located on the main page of their mobile banking app, say out loud exactly how many GEL they want to transfer to which account, and the amount will be transferred. (For example: “Transfer GEL 5 to Giorgi”). The voice assistant helps customers to transfer money to other physical persons via account or phone number.

The new function was created with Georgian company Pulsar AI, working in the direction of artificial intelligence. TBC’s strategic direction is to develop digital channels. By adding the voice assistant function, TBC stands alongside worldwide leading banks such as: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Ally.

In addition to the use of the voice assistant function, TBC mobile and internet bank users can:

• Log in individuals and legal persons to one’s mobile bank through the app (using the ‘another customer’ function);
• Check available and blocked amounts and make an excerpt;
• Transfer money to one’s own accounts and others;
• Transfer money to one’s company account, another person’s or company’s account and budget;
• Top up a mobile, pay a bill or fines;
• Create transfer templates;
• Manage deposits and loans;
• Look up sorted revenues and expenses;
• Check currency exchange rates and convert money;
• Find the closest branches and ATMs of TBC Bank relative to your current location.

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