TBC Scholarship Project Continues

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The FINANCIAL — A total of 200 young scholars have now received their first scholarship payments from TBC. The selected group of talented children have been appointed monthly scholarships for the duration of a year, from March. “TBC Fellows” is one of the biggest CSR projects for TBC in 2019.

Within TBC’s initiative, 200 talented youngsters will receive monthly endowments.

The beneficiaries, distinguished for their talent in art, science or sports, have been chosen as a result of working with different organizations and individuals. The project encompasses the breadth of Georgia, with children chosen from (amongst other places): Chuberi; Gori; Tsnori; Tserovani; Tbilisi; Lekkisi; Barisakho; Utsera; Kavtisi; Karaleti; Zugdidi; Batumi; Khoni; Ambrolauri; Senaki; Patardzeuli.

“Georgia is a country of talent, but unfortunately many talented youngsters go unrecognised due to a lack of support. Charity has no borders. We think that supporting talented youngsters, displaying their capabilities to the public, and focusing on them, is a very important issue. It should not only be a priority of ours, but of the whole country’s,” said Mamuka Khazaradze, Founder of TBC Bank.

The scholarship project will not be a one-off and will be continued in following years.

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