Tbilisi Marriott hotels makes waves with opening its new steak restaurant Park Grill in June 2022

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The FINANCIAL — Tbilisi Marriott Hotel launched its Park Grill Steak Restaurant today. Park Grill presents premium quality Australian meat selection, aged in the cabinet of the world-leading brand, “Dry Ager” that is after grilled on the signature Josper Grill that was custom-made specifically for Park Grill. Elegant and inspiring environment, unique foreign and local variety of wines and high quality service are awaiting guests from June, 2022.

“Tbilisi Marriott Hotels marks its first Steak Restaurant to open in June, 2022, bringing a unique and modern experience that is focused on exquisite tastes and socializing,” said Cameron McNeillie, Multi-property General Manager – Cluster of Marriott hotels in Tbilisi, Tbilisi Marriott, Courtyard and MOXY Tbilisi. “From the restaurants’ design that is rooted in contemporary and luxurious feel, to the its signature dining experiences, Park Grill is a place where international jet setters and local tastemakers can discover an unexpected side of Tbilisi.”

From International premium wines to international cuisine with a twist of luxury, Park Grill invites guests to discover inspiring dining destinations, offering one-of-a-kind grilled dishes and surprising spirits. Overseeing dining throughout the hotel is Head Chef Leri Darsavelidze working alongside development chef Giorgi Sarajishvili who have curated a great Grill menu to cater for all tastes.

Tbilisi Marriott Hotel: A Brief History

Construction began on the building in 1911 and was completed in 1915. It was named Hotel Majestic, but before it could serve the public, war and the Soviet takeover of Georgia forced the owners to put it to use as a military hospital and trade center. In 1939, the refurbished building was restored to its original function as the 125-room Hotel Tbilisi. The hotel had one of the best restaurants for 100 persons in all the USSR and a café for 70; more, it was the largest and the most comfortable hotel in Georgia and was listed among the top 10 hotels in the USSR.

Heavily damaged by fire during the December 1991–January 1992 coup d’etat, a prelude to the Georgian Civil War, it was reconstructed under the guidance of architects G. Metreveli and V. Kurtishvili from 1995 to 2002. On 26 September 2002, the Tbilisi Marriott Hotel was opened by GMT Group in the building.

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