Tech Engineering Group Implementing Projects in Various Regions of Georgia

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The leading company in Georgia in the field of supply, installation and service of elevators, escalators and lift systems, Tech Engineering Group (TEG Lift), is implementing ‘several large, responsible and important projects’ in the regions of Georgia, according to the Director of Tech Engineering Group (TEG Lift)IrineGloveli.

“Naturally, after the capital city of Tbilisi, the Black Sea resort city of Batumi is taking leading positions in our target area as the construction sector has been developing quickly there. We have started working on developing engineering solutions for multi-functional buildings and supplying equipment. We are talking about multifunctional complexes, where in the future consumers will be able to use the elevators and escalators of the world-renowned brand Kleemann”, said Gloveli.

“We have also very interesting projects in Svaneti, Guria, Samegrelo, Kakheti, Imereti regions of Georgia and Bakuriani and Gudauri ski resorts”, she added.

The ultimate goal of TEG Lift is to be the leading company and to promote innovations in the field, to improve staff qualifications constantly, to offer customized service packages, and to optimally apply existing company experience to every project.

“Offering the highest quality products and services to our customers remains the highest priority for our company at any stage of its development. We are actively working to provide simplified, complex products to the customers”, Gloveli said.

With this in mind, TEG Lifthas created a new opportunity for customers, allowing them to create self-customizeddesign for elevators that TEG Lift will make a reality.

“The first task of our company is to meet and provide customers with optimal, comfortable conditions, which is a crucial factor in today’s competitive environment. In fact, we try to be partners to our customers. The synergy of the activities of our company and customers is acceptable and profitable for everyone”, said Gloveli.

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This year TEG Liftreceived a Golden Brand award, becoming the number one favourite brand of both customers and experts.

TEG Liftwas planning to open a shop-showroom of elevators, escalators, car parking and other lift systems in Tbilisi. Have you fulfilled this plan?

Yes, we already have a shop / showroom, which is harmoniously integrated with the interior of the work environment. The showroom features the products of world-famous manufacturers. Any interested party is welcome to our showroom where they are able to receive information about anything that interests them.
We also have other good news. In line with modern challenges, we have created an online platform,, which will allow customers to purchase basic componentsor spare parts of the elevator in the shortest possible time frame.

TEG Liftis involved in creating educational programmes. Could you please tell us about this initiative?

Through the coordination of the National Center for Quality Enhancement of the Ministry of Education, personnel of TEG Lift together with an invited group of professionals developed a vocational educational programme. The involvement in this activity was important for our company especially when we see that the market lacks qualified personnel and there are challenges in the field of engineering. The company is constantly thinking about the future and the development of professional staff.
In addition, we plan to organize meeting with everyone who is interested in construction activities including designers, architects, builders and introduce them to important issues of planning and construction of lift systems at all stages, taking into account modern standards and innovations.

Please summarize 2019 and the first quarter of 2020.

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In 2019 the company has moved to a new stage of development. Accordingly, one of the main challenges has been to improve the company’s management model and principles, taking into account modern safety requirements.
We have significantly improved service, which is completely tailored to the comfort of the customer, and ensures the delivery of the highest quality products and services.

We have introduced modern models and business processes for project development and implementation. As a result, the efficiency of the company has increased significantly.

As for 2020 it turned out to be quite extraordinary due to the situation in the world, however, the company managed to adapt to the extremely difficult conditions in the shortest possible time by fully maintaining jobs for its employees.

In fact, we have continued to work smoothly in key areas. For example, providing full service to contractors. The company’s reputation in the market and the already well-deserved trust have allowed us to continue negotiations in the current difficult situation (COVID 19) and sign new important agreements.

Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand award. In your opinion, why did experts name TEG Lifttheir favorite company?

This award means a lot for each and every employee in our company.

First of all, it means a huge responsibility towards society. It means the constant pursuit of professional perfection and contributing to the development of our country’s engineering field.

TEG Lift was established in 2007. Since the foundation of the company, the aim of each team member has been to bring innovations and to design elevators and escalators tailored to customers’ needs. TEG Lift is a company which works individually on each project and creates maximum comfort for our partners.

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