TechnoFirst Lists on Alternext Paris

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The FINANCIAL — EnterNext, the Euronext subsidiary dedicated to promoting and growing the market for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), on October 20 welcomed TechnoFirst, an acknowledged specialist in active noise and vibration control solutions, to celebrate its listing on Alternext Paris.

Founded in 1990, TechnoFirst has developed revolutionary technology solutions to combat noise and vibration. The company designs and builds high-end protection products (noise-cancelling headphones, ventilation ducts, aircraft seats, and more) incorporating a proprietary breakthrough based on active cancellation of both noise and vibrations. It works with major players in industry, building and transport, and is recognised as a leader in both its business and its science, according to Euronext.

TechnoFirst (ticker code: ALFST) was listed on Alternext in Paris through the admission to trading of the 3,380,873 shares making up its equity following its transfer from the Free Market on October 14, 2015.

Market capitalisation was around €9 million on the day of listing.

Eric Forest, Chairman and CEO of EnterNext, said: “We welcome TechnoFirst as it lists on Alternext Paris, a new milestone in its development on our European markets. This transfer will make TechnoFirst shares more attractive and give it access to a larger pool of investors. With nearly 200 issuers, Alternext offers an effective and innovative option to mid-size companies looking to financial markets as a source of capital.”

Christian Carme, Chairman and CEO of TechnoFirst added: “On 13 August 2003, we opted to cross the Rubicon by listing TechnoFirst on the Free Market. Our idea at the time was to open up our capital to outside investors and finance our growth. Twelve years on, our revenue has increased seven-fold and it was clearly time to move up to the next level. If the Free Market was our primary school, listing on Alternext represents our move into middle school.”


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