The FINANCIAL - HP Launches New Investment Solution Suite for Service Providers

HP Launches New Investment Solution Suite for Service Providers

HP Launches New Investment Solution Suite for Service Providers

The FINANCIAL -- HP on March 10 announced a new investment solution growth suite from HP Financial Services (HPFS) specifically designed for service providers and the evolving needs of their business.

"Over the next two years, over 60% of companies will stop managing most of their IT infrastructure, relying on advanced automation and qualified service partners to boost efficiency and directly tie datacenter spend to business value,” said Richard Villars, vice president, IDC’s Datacenter and Cloud practice.  “Service providers, will need to step up and become experts at datacenter operations and deployment."

To effectively manage the change the New Style of IT necessitates, service providers will have to take a new approach, one that can support the need to create solutions that generate new revenue sources and quickly upgrade technology essential for business growth, according to HP.

Focused on enabling growth, the new HP Service Provider Growth Suite1 helps enhance business flexibility essential for creating and delivering sustainable new services that meet evolving technology needs.  The new suite helps global service providers:

Convert existing IT equipment from an ownership to a flexible usage model and create the investment capacity to quickly build innovative new offers and respond to evolving customer needs with HP Accelerated Migration to cloud.  

Establish an asset lite environment and support ongoing modernization efforts with flexible investments solutions that support the full IT lifecycle.  Service providers can now better align costs to recurring revenue streams and leverage lifecycle refresh, trade in, duel usage and transition capabilities to help facilitate the transformation they have underway.

Take immediate delivery of equipment and rapidly scale technology but only pay when it’s deployed and activated though the HP Pre-Provisioning Solution. 

“Service providers have a window of opportunity to deliver new solutions and services to customers who are looking to take advantage of the New Style of IT today,” said Irv Rothman, CEO, HP Financial Services.  “We are committed to working alongside them to help build an investment strategy that will enable their go-to-market motion and deliver the technology and financial flexibility required to drive business growth.”