Nokia Networks selected by iWireless as sole supplier for LTE network in U.S.

Nokia Networks selected by iWireless as sole supplier for LTE network in U.S.

The FINANCIAL -- Nokia Networks expands its relationship with iWireless, a regional wireless provider in Iowa, eastern Nebraska and western Illinois, with a new technology evolution contract. 

Nokia Networks will modernize iWireless’ existing 2G and 3G network and build an end-to-end LTE infrastructure. This will enable iWireless to achieve technology parity with T-Mobile and other major U.S. operators. iWireless customers will enjoy advanced communication services with improved capacity and data speed.

Nokia Networks is the sole supplier of iWireless’ end-to-end radio and core solution for its 2G and 3G network. The new contract maintains Nokia Networks’ exclusive position for all of iWireless’ network elements, according to Nokia.

Under the new contract, Nokia Networks will provide:

Single RAN Advanced platform based on award-winning Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station for 2G, 3G and LTE
Evolved Packet Core network, including Flexi Network Server and Flexi Network Gateway, to upgrade current packet core for LTE
Nokia’s Subscriber Data Management system based on One-NDS, HLR and HSS platforms for a highly flexible yet extremely stable and proven platform. Offers all relevant subscriber data in one common repository for easy creation and launch of new services
Global Services including network implementation, planning and optimization as well as a full set of Care Services for a high quality, high availability network

Craven Shumaker, President and CEO of iWireless, said: “Nokia Networks’ innovative solutions and expertise, coupled with the fact that they have been a long-standing partner, make them the ideal choice as our technology evolution supplier. Nokia Networks’ innovation is second to none and allows us to use iWireless’ existing network and hardware. This will provide a smooth modernization and transition to LTE, enabling us to meet our customers’ growing demand for data with a reliable and faster user experience.”

Ricky Corker, Executive Vice President of North America, Nokia Networks, said: “We’re pleased to extend our relationship with iWireless. Nokia Networks’ technology and services expertise will enable iWireless to modernize its network and deploy LTE with minimal intrusion, transforming their network to LTE in the most optimal, cost effective way.”