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The “Tegeta Machinery Days” 

In the scopes of the “Tegeta for Business” campaign, Tegeta Motors, together with its daughter companies, Tegeta Truck and Bus and Tegeta Construction Equipment, held a large-scale event “Tegeta Machinery Days” in Shekvetili, at the “Paragraph” hotel on October 26. 

Tegeta Motors, together with its daughter companies has been operating in the field of trucks, buses and heavy-duty machinery for several years now, supporting the execution of local projects, and actively partnering with all sizeable local and international companies, who carry out the infrastructure projects of national importance. In the scope of the partnership, the contracted companies enjoy the utilization of the world’s leading premium brand products offered by the holding as well as its further services. 

“The Tegeta Machinery Days” displayed the products of the trucks and buses largest German manufacturer MAN, the #1 British construction equipment brand JCB, and the road-construction and asphalt plants Swiss producer Ammann.  

The first part of the event was held at a construction site, where the guests had a chance to observe the work of the trucks and heavy-duty machinery in action, evaluate their capabilities and advantages. 

The second part of the “Tegeta Machinery Days” consisted of presentations, with the Tegeta Academy being one of the presenters. The main objective of the Academy is to create the training platform that will raise the level of knowledge of various companies and their employees in different fields including the field of heavy-duty equipment and its use. The guests also had a chance to find out about the news, the innovations and technological capabilities of the company and the brands united under it. TBC leasing concluded the presentations’ part of the event by introducing the company’s strategy and new projects to the audience.  

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TBC, the #1 bank at supporting business and TBC Leasing, the leading leasing company, were the main partners of the event.


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