Tegeta Motors becomes the exclusive representative of Michelin

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The FINANCIAL — The largest French tire manufacturer brand Michelin has entered the Georgian market in partnership with Tegeta Motors.


The entry of Michelin in Georgia is connected with increased demand for high quality tires, both sides explain. Safety, fuel economy and longevity make Michelin tires in high demand in the country. From now on Michelin tires will be keeping Georgian drivers connected to the road and be responding to how they drive.

“Economic progress during the past few years, successful reforms, improvement of infrastructure and quality of life in general have resulted in society’s demand for good quality products,” said Giorgi Mshvildadze, General Director of Tegeta Motors. “The general updating of automobiles in the country has led to increased demand for the newest car models. Fast-speed, modern cars need good quality tires to ensure safety. And the production of Michelin is associated with both high quality and safety,” he added.

“We have been dealers of Michelin production for several years but now we are official distributors. Our slogan is ‘Choose Quality’ and that is why we have chosen Michelin as our partner company. We have some plans for the future such as offering Mazda cars to Georgian drivers. By the end of May Mazda cars will be available to buy in Georgia,” he added.

“We have great interest in the Georgian market. The Georgian market is ready to accept our entrance here,” said Dominique Bleu, General Director of Michelin in Ukraine and Transcaucasian countries. “First of all there are lots of cars. Michelin is considered to be very important for the Georgian market. It emphasizes the readiness and ability of customers to purchase the production of the mentioned premium brand. Michelin tires are designed for customers who are focused on safe and comfortable travel and offer the best balance of performance, such as safety on the road, long mileage and fuel efficiency. We want to increase our share of the market and take the leading positions in this segment,” he added.

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“We are very glad that Tegeta Motors has become an official and exclusive distributor of worldwide, high quality tire brand Michelin,” said Diana Velengurskaia, PR Manager at Tegeta Motors. “Nowadays people are oriented on safe driving and tires play a crucial role in a car’s safety. By making almost every luxury brand affordable to Georgian customers, Tegeta Motors increases the number of its customers,” she added.

“Rolling resistance is the force that vehicles overcome in order to move. Michelin low rolling resistance tires are able to overcome rolling resistance more easily than tires with higher rolling resistance. Low rolling resistance tires require that a vehicle exerts less energy to move. So it burns less fuel, emits less pollution and costs less money to fill up in the long run.” she added.   

Prices for Michelin tires vary from 100 to 800 GEL. “The prices are affordable and in accordance with the quality of the product itself,” said Davit Tsakadze, Product Manager at Tegeta Motors. “Michelin tires will be comfortable for Georgian roads as well. Tires will be adapted to our roads and the way that Georgians drive their cars. The great benefit of Michelin tires is the level of comfort that they offer. Because of carefully designed tread pattern and the materials these tires are made of, they are able to reduce the vibrations that drivers hear and feel as they drive,” he added.

In the future Tegeta Motors intends to open a network of specialized professional tire centres – “Tyreplus” – within the Michelin partnership programme. These tire centres will represent a wide range of tires along with high quality tire service.

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Relations between Tegeta Motors and Michelin have been fruitful since long ago. Tegeta Motors is the historical partner of Michelin in the country. Tegeta Motors provides to the Georgian market a Multi Product offer – from passenger car tires to truck and bus including agricultural and earthmover tires.



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