Teva Pharmaceuticals Embarks on Strategic Corporate Identity Program to Build a Global Brand

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The FINANCIAL — Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. on February 24 announced that it is embarking on a strategic enterprise-wide corporate identity program to build a global brand. This is the manifestation of the journey Teva embarked on two years ago, to differentiate itself based on the unique characteristics of the Company’s business model and create a new breed of healthcare company.

Teva is building on its strong global footprint, size and scale, to reinforce its focus on making these medicines more accessible. The company is taking this opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to placing people at its core to enable as many as possible to live better, healthier days.

This next phase of Teva’s evolution is signaled by the adoption of a new brand which is being introduced and embedded within the company over the next 12 months. The brand embodies a new promise, vision and identity for Teva and will bring to life the purpose and values the company has instilled in its employees, according to Teva.

As health care undergoes a period of rapid change, Teva is responding to the emerging needs of patients by crafting a portfolio of products and support services that have a place in every aspect of daily life.

“With 64 billion health-related Google searches per year, it is clear that people increasingly want to take better control of their own health and wellness, in ways that have not been possible through current offerings,” said Erez Vigodman, President and CEO of Teva. “As the provider of a world-class range of both generic and specialty medicines, and as a company that serves 200 million patients every day, we are in a unique position to meet the evolving needs of our patients, customers and the communities we serve and ultimately help enable better outcomes for health care overall.”

“This project is one part of a comprehensive plan that reflects the Company’s reinvention to be a strong brand with a unique portfolio of products and support services, creating best-in-class, sustainable solutions that help patients manage their overall health,” commented Iris Beck Codner, Group EVP, Corporate Marketing and Communications. “As the industry, healthcare systems and people’s involvement in their health choices continue to evolve, Teva is working to leverage its unique position to address the emerging needs of patients.”

Teva plans to introduce the new brand to its 43,000 employees around the world prior to launching the brand externally. “Only when we are confident that all our employees are aligned around a shared purpose and how that should be reflected in how we think and how we act, will we be ready to externalize our new brand,” said Beck Codner.


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