The energy issues have become very important in the 21st century, the declaration read by Lithuanian

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Krakow Energy Summit Participants Agreed on Creating Transportation Corridor and Make Oil Pipeline Longer

A joint declaration was adopted at Krakow informal Energy Summit on May 14, 2007. The Summit participants agreed on extending the Odessa-Brodi oil pipeline up to Plotsk and Gdansk, on setting up a joint enterprise to realize joint projects and on establishment of the transportation corridor from Central Asia to Central Europe, RIA Novosti agency reports.




The energy issues have become very important in the 21st century, the declaration read by Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus at a press conference proclaims.

The declaration talks about the implementation of the petroleum project for extending the Odessa-Brodi oil pipeline till Plotsk and Gdansk. An intergovernmental working group will be set up for joint projects.

The decision has been made on creating a joint enterprise to realize the mentioned projects.


The Presidents of Poland, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Ljazaat Kiinov, Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan took part in the Summit.


Within the Energy Summit two plenary sessions "Energy Security" and "Strategy for Development of Sectors of National Energy and Concept of Transportation Corridor – Central Asia – South Caucasus – Central Europe" were held.


The President of Poland Lech Kachinsky stated at a press conference that the second Energy Summit would be held in early October of 2007.


"This was an excellent idea to organize an energy summit", Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili stated at a press conference.


He noted that the summit participants had agreed on the transportation corridor and setting up a special intergovernmental group.

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 "This is a promising inauguration, this was the first step", Saakashvili declared.

And President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko declared that a basic goal had been achieved at the Summit – the Summit Participants started coordinating their efforts on energy problems".


The President of Ukraine particularly stressed that the Energy Forum and the discussable projects weren't against someone. Yushchenko explained that those projects were of regional character and one of them was "the Extension of the Odessa-Brodi Oil Pipeline up to Plotsk-Gdansk".


Yushchenko expressed his satisfaction with the Summit results. "Today we have made a political decision on the oil pipeline extension", he declared.


And President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliev pointed out that the holding of the Informal Energy Summit in Krakow confirmed the increasing role of the regional cooperation.


Aliev stated that Azerbaijan owned huge reserves of oil and gas. "We'd like to transport our energy carriers to Europe", the President of Azerbaijan declared.


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