The Georgian Companies with the Highest Client Satisfaction Rates

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The FINANCIAL — According to a recent survey conducted by IPM on the client satisfaction rates of companies in Georgia, mobile companies got the highest number out of 10, with a client satisfaction rate of 7.79.


Respondents were asked to grade different industries in terms of how well they protect their customers’ interests.

Banking companies got 7.65 out of 10, municipal cleaning service – 7.59, mobile operators – 7.53, internet providers – 7.34, cable television companies – 7.27, municipal transport – 7.15, and insurance companies – 6.87.

“The results showed that there is not a big difference among the industries,” Keti Javakhishvili, Customer Service Manager of IPM, told The FINANCIAL. “Results are in general improving compared to in previous years. But at the same time the service requirements of clients are evolving and standards are improving. The more that service improves, the more exacting clients are becoming.”

Quite a high percentage of the people surveyed estimated the service of all industries to be average or below average. The highest number of them, 23.5 percent, negatively estimated public transport, while internet providers got the least negative ratings. Only 14 percent of surveyed people said that internet providers’ service is average or below average.

Mobile operators gained the highest satisfaction rate according to the survey. There are currently three mobile companies operating in the market.

“We are glad that the communication sector is considered the most professionals in terms of service,” said Teona Bagdavadze, Beeline spokesperson. “We hope that our quality of service contributed to these indicators. Our main goal is for our clients to get preferable service and information without hindrance of any kind. Beeline customers, whose number is approaching one million, have the possibility to use our offices, call-centres, webpage and Facebook page as well.”

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Beeline service is suited to any type of customer, company representatives claim.

14.30 percent of surveyed people estimated mobile companies’ service as below average. But Beeline thinks that this result is not very bad.

“100 percent client satisfaction simply does not exist,” Bagdavadze stated. “Results of 6 out of 10 and up are a positive indicator, and mobile operators gained much more than 6. We intensively work to improve the service. Our staff undergo regular trainings. We implement new systems and most importantly, we are friendly and helpful to each and every one of our clients. A positive attitude and goodwill are determiners of good service.”

There was no big difference in the results of different industries. But still insurance companies got the lowest points according to the survey.

“6.87 out of 10 is an average indicator for us,” Maiko Ivchenko, Head of the PR Division at Aldagi BCI, told The FINANCIAL. “High client satisfaction is essential for Aldagi BCI, but getting a 100 percent satisfaction rate is almost impossible in the insurance sector. No insurance company can satisfy the requirements of all its clients.”

In spite of their efforts 20 percent of the people surveyed considered the service of insurance companies to be average or below average.

“20 percent is quite high and definitely not good for the company. The results of our own surveys are better,” Ivchenko added.

The banking sector is developing quite well in Georgia. They achieved 7.65 out of 10 according to the IPM survey.

“Service quality is very important for the Bank,” said Meri Basliashvili, Head of the Quality Department at Bank Republic. “We have high quality standards and all our employees must meet them. We hold intensive trainings for our staff. We constantly conduct surveys to study service quality, customer satisfaction etc. We have special system studying our client’s complaint and helping to improve the service.”

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Internet providers currently have one of the worst names in terms of service quality in Georgia. But still they managed to gain 7.34 point out of 10. Silknet, one of the internet providers, claims that this number is lower than the real one.

“The main priority of 2012 is to increase our rate of client satisfaction,” Giorgi Jibladze, Head of the Marketing and Products’ Development Department said. “Unlike wireless internet providers, reaching high quality service is difficult for cable internet providers as it is connected to complicated and specific infrastructure.”

All the companies asked by The FINANCIAL say that they conduct their own surveys studying customers’ satisfaction levels. Mystery shoppers are the best way to determine quality of service all over the world. The service is becoming popular in Georgia as well.

“We conduct surveys every month by the mystery shopper method,” said Maiko Ivchenko, Head of the PR Division at Aldagi BCI. “As a result of such surveys service quality is improving monthly. This directly concerns the service offered by our staff, which is 90 percent improved during the past year according to our surveys.”


IPM surveyed 1,600 individuals by face-to-face interview. The locations where the surveys took place were Tbilisi and in some regions. The target segment was the Georgian population from 18 and up. The people interviewed were asked to rate the services of different industries from 1 up to 10 points. 1 means that customers’ interests are not protected at all and 10 that their every interest is protected.



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