The Georgian Foreign Minister has appeared with a speech before the French National Assembly

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The FINANCIAL — “Having such a democratic and stabile ally as Georgia is in the interests of Europe currently going through the most difficult period full of challenges” – Georgian Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze said when appearing before the French National Assembly.

According to the Minister, against the background of current geopolitical challenges, Georgia has a special role to play in maintaining regional security while the region’s stability is directly connected with the welfare of Europe.

Mikheil Janelidze said that Georgia is the European Union’s main ally in the area of security. Georgia, along with French partners, successfully participates in the EU missions, which points to “how much aware the EU is of the common challenges facing France along with the rest of Europe”.

When speaking before the French National Assembly, Mikheil Janelidze paid special attention to the situation in Georgia’s occupied territories expressing his gratitude to the French Government for its strong support of Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. “Despite occupation of its territories, Georgia will never swerve from the peaceful path and will never waste the opportunity to get closer to Europe. Only stabile and democratic Georgia can get united with Europe and make the occupant country leave its territory peacefully. Georgia critically needs France’s support in this, which it does really have and hopes to have it in the future as well” – Mikheil Janelidze said.

The Minister also spoke about the centuries-long and deep historic and cultural ties between Georgia and France as well as about the ways to further deepen co-operation, including in the areas of defence, economy, education and tourism, according to MFA of Georgia.

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