The IKEA menu of conceptualised meeting points expands

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The FINANCIAL — Inter IKEA Systems B.V., the owner of the IKEA Concept and worldwide IKEA franchisor, has added IKEA plan and order points to its menu of conceptualised customer meeting points. This means testing is complete and IKEA retailers can implement IKEA plan and order points in their markets.

An IKEA plan and order point usually highlights a main commercial area such as IKEA kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. It provides customers with easy access to IKEA’s home furnishing expertise, inspiration and passion. The plan and order points, which are much smaller than regular IKEA stores are conveniently located where customers live, work and commute. This new format of IKEA customer meeting points caters to those customers that are looking for a specific, targeted visit to get support in planning and buying customised products or solutions across all core areas of the home.

“The IKEA plan and order is a fantastic addition to a market and enables IKEA to create a better everyday life for the many people,” says Pär Gustafsson, Customer Meeting Point manager, Inter IKEA Systems B.V. “It meets a specific customer need and at the same time gives an overview of the entire available range in a certain market. It brings IKEA closer to customers, especially where they live, work and commute.”

Customers at an IKEA plan and order point can access and order the entire IKEA range that is available in the market. IKEA plan and order points complement IKEA stores, IKEA ecommerce and other IKEA customer meeting points in a market.

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The conceptualisation of the IKEA plan and order point marks the completion of several years of testing and gaining experience. Several aspects, such as the available range, visual identity and customer convenience have been successfully tested and are now geared to providing a rewarding and unique IKEA customer experience. Other aspects, such as the naming, which in most markets is “Planning Studio”, are still being tested.

28 IKEA plan and order points currently operate in 19 different IKEA markets. In the coming year more than 30 new IKEA plan and order points are planned to be opened in various cities and urban areas.

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