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The Importance of Gaining Awareness to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Do you know how much an individual’s daily life affects the climate? An average individual in the United Kingdom has a carbon footprint of 10 tonnes per year (carbon, and it is one of the highest figures in the world. If the answer shocked you, it is time to discuss the importance of gaining awareness to reduce carbon emissions. Although outstanding strides have been made in recycling, addressing pollution, reducing consumption, and using cleaner energy, a significant challenge remains, especially with businesses.


Business climate change is real. While mitigating a big problem of this stature requires cooperation and ties between governments, large corporations, and nations, most of the changes must come from within, from the choices we make as individuals. 

The past few years have witnessed the launch of various initiatives to curb climate change. The sustainable development goals promoted by the United Nations are among the most prominent ones. The success of the initiatives is dependent on environmental literacy drives. Educating citizens, introducing organisational policy changes, and raising their awareness directly impact the climate. Behavioural changes and understanding are vital in achieving a low emissions pathway. A climate change online course can help you to know about the measures to reduce carbon emissions. 

Impact of carbon emission      


The severity of climate change depends not only on the enormity of the change but on the prospect of irreversibility. Climate change occurring due to an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide is irreversible for as long as 1,000 years. Following the cessation of emission, removing carbon dioxide reduces radiative forcing. 

Since the beginning of the industrial times, human activities have raised atmospheric carbon dioxide by 50%. In other words, the amount of carbon dioxide is 150% more than in 1750 (source: The gases have far-ranging health issues, in addition to causing harm to the environment. 

Climate change is alarming, and the crisis is transforming how we live and work. Moreover, climate change and business directly impact each other, with most industries feeling threatened by the impact of climate change. A climate change course can increase awareness and reduce the deleterious effect.

Importance of gaining awareness to reduce carbon emissions

Introducing environmental education acquaints individuals with the value of protecting the environment. It enables them to make a difference in the community environment. At the same time, it offers an opportunity to understand the environmental challenges while evaluating the mitigation measures. 

Introducing zero emissions is vital as it mitigates the effects of climate change, having a direct positive impact on the lives of individuals, plants and animal diversity. It also boosts the global economy, leading to more environmentally friendly and innovative solutions. 

As carbon footprint is one of the ways to measure the effects of human-induced transformation, the benefits of increasing its awareness are manifold. An online climate change course can help create awareness of the importance of reducing carbon emissions. Keep reading to explore reasons to opt for the course. 

  1. To mitigate the effect of global climate change

Carbon emissions have a crippling effect on the environment. Reducing the carbon footprint can help mitigate the problem. Carbon emissions lead to many environmental issues, such as increasing temperature, rising sea levels, melting sea ice, ocean acidification, etc. Climate change poses an alarming problem with increasing temperature, extreme weather changes, and other environmental concerns. 

This can be mitigated by introducing various steps such as switching to renewable energy sources, recycling your waste, installing solar panels, using public transport, reducing energy consumption, and more. 

  1. Prevent adverse effects on health and promote well-being

The impact of climate change extends beyond the warm weather. The growing levels of carbon dioxide directly impact air and water quality. Air pollution from various sources such as power generation and vehicle exhausts is placing a significant burden on the health care system, posing a baleful impact on our lives. 

However, the good news is that changing our behaviour can safeguard the concerns and have an immediate positive impact. The improvements can benefit everyone if we try to combat the conditions by transitioning to electric vehicles, reducing car travel, burning less coal and adopting similar measures. Moreover, a business and climate change course can address the problems and prevent the adverse effects. 

  1. To protect businesses and industries

Most industries today are threatened by the impact of the rising change. For example, one study in 2019 has shown that the U.S could lose around 520 billion due to the rise in global temperature (source: The Moreover, major weather events are already witnessing their impact on business. The leisure industry, too, has faced a direct impact and is a sector witnessing immediate physical risk due to climate change. For example, ski resorts have shorter seasons due to rising temperatures and reduced snowfall. To minimise their losses, industries and governments have to come on the same page for making decisions for sustainable growth.

  1. Protect transitional risk in business

Transitional risk arrives from potential cost to the business. By introducing laws, policies, and other regulations to address climate change, transitional risks can arise from differences in consumer trends and technologies. This leads to reputational risk, with society altering its view on ethical business practices. The energy industry is one such industry that is open to transitional risk. 

  1. To save biodiversity

Actions that improve the health of the planet do not simply benefit us but also the ecosystem. Many plants and animals have already faced the impact. It is vital to realise the importance of biodiversity and take the necessary steps to protect them. With extreme weather events, the habitats of animals are changing drastically, and we are at risk of losing many unique species of flora and fauna forever.

  1. Prevent economic stagnancy

Carbon emissions pose a direct threat to the economy. A few studies have already cited the direct relationship of climate change with countries that depend on the land for agricultural and natural resources. This has a direct impact on economic growth.  

Environmental awakening helps combat the growing epidemic of global warming. There is no denying that climate change and business have a direct correlation, and industries should increase their efforts to limit their carbon emissions. Failing to mitigate or comply with changing regulatory practices can be detrimental to the reputation of an organisation or a business. 

The climate change online course aims to address environmental concerns while giving a holistic business understanding of how to mitigate climate business risks. It has been designed to help learners evaluate the benefits and understand the corporate responsibility of sustainability. The course is targeted to combat climate change, attain net zero emissions, and build a business model with good resiliency in the resource-efficient economy. Explore a path of awareness that leads to a learned tomorrow.


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