The Industries Still Hiring Despite COVID-19

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It’s not a good time to try and boat your career, and the Coronavirus is to blame. Currently, the world’s biggest economies are reporting huge spikes in unemployment rates, with the US estimating that 10% of the population will be without a job as a result of the pandemic.

This is bound to make you uneasy. If you’re already unemployed or scared about losing your job, there doesn’t appear to be too many backup options. However, even with rates of unemployment skyrocketing, some industries are continuing to hire.

Carry on reading to find out more about the four main sectors for career growth.


The number of people working from home is at an all-time high, and it’s thanks to COVID-19. Of course, this has impacted the sector, yet the growth isn’t unsustainable once the virus leaves. Remote work increased by 44% over the last five years, so although the surge is substantial, it doesn’t go against the past couple of years’ organic growth. The likes of Zoom and Slack are announcing hundreds of job openings and opportunities, and they are only two companies. From Microsoft to Facebook and Google, the telecommunications industry is varied.


If there is a single part of the economy that has benefitted the most from the outbreak, it’s supermarkets. While several physical stores have struggled to adapt to the changes, the likes of Walmart have taken advantage of the fact that people need to eat, not to mention the inescapable panic when the news of the virus was first announced. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that the store is looking to take on 150,000 employees in the coming months. Grocery stores are on the up, too, with Krogers listing 10,000 jobs around the country.

Emergency Services

Not only are the emergency services at the forefront of tackling the disease, but they also have to maintain law and order. Due to confusion around the new rules and the clashes between protesters highlighting discrimination, the sector has been overwhelmed recently. So, to become a police officer is a necessary and smart career move as you’ll be helping the community and securing a well-paid, secure position. If you prefer to assist with your hands, nurse listings are on the rise to deal with the influx of patients, as are firefighter, paramedic, and pharmacy jobs.


COVID is unprecedented. As a result, it’s its own entity and demands special attention to ensure the spread is limited and people don’t contract the virus. With this in mind, there are Coronavirus-related positions that exist solely because of the pandemic. A COVID officer is a prime example – people who check customers and stores are sticking to the rules. Not all of them are paid, so you should double-check beforehand. Alternatively, if you’re searching for a way to relieve the boredom of being at home, it may be an ideal opportunity.

Unemployment is on the rise, but career opportunities are still available in certain sectors.

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