The Next 24/7 Self-Service Zone of ProCredit Bank  to be Launched in Kutaisi Branch 

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The FINANCIAL — ProCredit Bank continues to add newly designed self-service zones equipped with multi-function machines to branches across the country. After the Gori branch, ProCredit Bank will open the next 24/7 self-service zone at the Kutaisi branch (No. 3b A. Tsereteli str.). To introduce the new self-service areas, the bank invited clients to an opening ceremony on October 6th at the Kutaisi branch.

The Director of ProCredit Bank, Sofia Kordzakhia, described the advantages of the self-service zones and machines to the guests.

“This year ProCredit Bank has actively been updating its branches. We believe that the new 24/7 self- service zones are very comfortable and that our clients will feel right at home using the basic banking services (such as cash withdrawals, cash deposits, transfers, etc.) there.”

Several types of machines are available in the self-service zone in addition to ATMs and Pay Boxes. For example, the bank has introduced convenient new Drop Boxes that allows business clients to deposit large amounts of money to their current accounts quickly and safely. Private clients can take advantage of the Cash-in ATMs, which allow users to conduct both cash deposit and cash withdrawal transactions. The self-service zones also have an Information Terminal providing automatic access to our call centre.

ProCredit Bank started to introduce the 24/7 self-service zones this summer and they are now available in 22 branches of ProCredit Bank across the country.


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