The Remarkable Ways You Can Make Money From Your Old Stuff

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In the West, we love consuming. But at the same time, we tend to lament the fact that we accumulate so much “stuff’.” We look at it and then imagine all the hours that we must have worked to accumulate it, wondering what the whole thing was about. 

But in today’s internet-enabled age, it’s not so bad. If you have something lying around and it is still in good condition, the chances are that you can sell it on and recoup some of your losses. 
The second-hand market has gone through something of a revolution in recent years. No longer do you have to try your luck at the charity or thrift store. There are almost endless channels for selling your junk and making dollars in the process.

Sell Your Old Clothing Via Apps

Take a look at the quantity of clothing in your drawers that you no longer wear. If you’re like most people, you have an enormous quantity of clutter, just taking up space. 

Fortunately, there are now multiple apps, like Poshmark, that allow you to sell your clothes online to other people looking to snap up a bargain. You might only get 50 percent of what you originally paid for your items, but at least that’s something. It’s better than having to throw it all in the trash. 

Flog Your Old Bicycles On Gumtree

The designers of Gumtree created the app so that people could sell whatever they wanted. But it has become a Mecca for bicycles, with people using the platform to get rid of large goods that they don’t want to put in the post. 

Putting your bicycle up for sale is easy. Just take a picture of it and follow the on-screen instructions. You don’t have to spend any money either. Gumtree makes all its revenue through advertising. 

Join A Sneaker Consignment Store

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A lot of people are sitting on valuable sneakers and don’t even realize it. They see their old branded shoes as just something from a bygone era without realizing that they could make money on them via a sneaker store consignment
The way it works is something like this: you take your sneakers to the store. Assistants then check the shoe for authenticity and quality and offer you a price at which they think they can sell it. You then permit them to put your shoe up for sale, providing them with a commission for the privilege. 

It doesn’t sound like much when you consider that many older shoes in good condition can sell for hundreds of dollars. 

Get Store Credit For Your Old Phone

A few stores will offer you cash for your old phone, but not many. Most provide you with store credit. If you sell your phone to them, they’ll give you a discount on their products. This way, you can reduce the price of your new handset, smartphone, or tablet considerably.

So, in summary, if you have a lot of old stuff lying around, it’s not a disaster. You can probably still make some good money from it. 

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