The season for vintage cars, motorbikes and tractors has started

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The FINANCIAL — The most popular season for motorcyclists and vintage car owners has begun. As soon as the first warm rays of sunshine are beckoning, drivers pull their favorite vehicles from their winter quarters, as this time of year has taken too long to arrive anyway.


But the safety experts from the Allianz Center for Technology (AZT) recommend: Before taking a trip into the countryside, go first full throttle on routine checks! According to Allianz, that’s the best way to avoid damage and accidents.

Accidents involving motorbikes often end in tragedy.

The safety experts from the Allianz Center for Technology (AZT) recommend: Start out with some careful steering and braking exercises in open areas, outside of the flow of traffic! While your bike was in hibernation, your reflexes may also have become a little rusty.
All those who have only limited mechanical skills are best advised to take their bikes to an expert workshop for a comprehensive check-up! Experts are able to see hidden damages.
 It is essential to check the brake fluid and brake pads!
Even on short journeys you should wear special outfits with integrated protectors, safety helmets, proper boots and protective driving gloves! Vintage cars – retro, but not in their claim to road safety

Vintage cars are often involved in accidents which would very likely not have taken place under the same conditions in a modern vehicle.

The safety experts from the Allianz Center for Technology (AZT) recommend: Keep the vintage car’s characteristics in mind! For example when the driving dynamics are incorrectly assessed in comparison to a modern car. The unfamiliar view from the driver's seat or the much lower braking performance of vintage cars can also lead to accidents.
Before drivers get behind the wheel it is worth taking a look at the insurance documents to see if the cover is active! Vintage cars are often only insured for a certain part of the year.Tractors – big in the matter of road safety

As agricultural businesses venture out to work the fields, drivers of all vehicles are advised to be particularly careful on the roads.

The safety experts from the Allianz Center for Technology (AZT) recommend: Do not overtake or pass in risky situations! If you want to pass, make sure that the clear stretch of road ahead is long enough.
Keep aware of intersections into country or field lanes, particularly leading to farmhouses! Indicators of agricultural vehicles are not always working, so it may not be easy to predict a driver’s intentions.
If tractors are coming the opposite way, please make sure that you leave sufficient space to your left, because agricultural devices towed by tractors are sometimes very wide and may reach into your lane.



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