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The Season of Giving Back: Mastercard Reaches $4 Million Donation To Stand Up to Cancer

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The FINANCIAL — According to Mastercard 2020 has reminded us that when we come together, we can create meaningful change in the communities around us and that every act of giving goes a long way.

“At Mastercard we are committed to unlocking the power of giving and are proud to announce that through the help of generous cardholders, we have reached our $4 million donation to Stand up To Cancer®. This year, with consumers spending increasingly online and seeking touch-free payments in-store, we launched a program where every time cardholders used their Mastercard to make online purchases or tap in-store at qualifying grocery stores, drug stores, restaurants, as well as for transit, Mastercard made a donation up to $4 million to SU2C,” Mastercard notes.

“Together we are proving that despite this unprecedented year, we have the power to give back and further the impact SU2C can make,”

With the help of millions of cardholders, Mastercard has donated over $55 million SU2C over the past 11 years, helping deliver breakthroughs in clinical trials and get new treatments to patients quickly to save lives now.

“We are thankful to everyone who participated and are excited to keep the spirit of giving going. Now until the end of the year, for every $1 donation made with a Mastercard through, Mastercard will donate an additional $3, up to $1 million to support SU2C’s collaborative cancer research programs and help their goal to make every cancer patient a long-term survivor,” Mastercard notes.

Additionally, according to Mastercard, recently expanded digital giving platform – Mastercard Donate – enables consumers to round up their everyday spend to the nearest dollar for donations to SU2C and other charities of their choice. Visitors to the site can already make one-time and recurring donations, but now through this expanded roundup feature, cardholders can convert their Mastercard to give back and create positive change every day.

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These efforts build on Mastercard’s longstanding commitment to delivering social impact at scale by providing consumers choice in how they give. Whether it is a one-time donation, recurring donations or opportunities to give based on roundups, we are helping consumers ensure their dollars have impact and Start Something Priceless.

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