Thomson Reuters Launches First Highly-Liquid, Investable, Real Estate Indices For ETF Market

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The FINANCIAL — Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading supplier of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, and Global Property Research today announced the launch of the first highly-liquid, real estate indices.


Designed specifically to be tracked by ETFs looking to offer investors exposure to real estate markets globally, the TR/GPR indices provide a more investable and tradable solution than currently available elsewhere.

According to Thomson Reuters, the new suite of real estate indices provides broad global diversification, including emerging markets. The TR/GPR Global 100 Index is composed of the 100 most liquid real estate stocks worldwide. Furthermore, three regional variants for increased focus are also available; the TR/GPR Americas 40 Index, TR/GPR APAC 30 Index and TR/GPR EMEA 30 Index. Customised indices to reflect a particular mandate or strategy can also be designed.

The TR/GPR indices can be used to build real estate ETFs that closely represent the property market, to track real estate performance or simply for benchmarking purposes. In addition to high liquidity, customers benefit from transparent, rules-based methodology and independently-calculated indices, ensuring that the underlying stocks respect the publically available index rules.

The constituents of the TR/GPR indices focus on companies involved predominantly in real estate investment, rather than pure property development.

"Real estate has been a challenging market since 2008, but last year we saw the first signs of growth in US and Asia and more recently, this year, in Europe," said Jamie Robinson, head of commercial strategy & business development for indices at Thomson Reuters. "With a potential revival in the sector, combined with rising rental incomes, ETF providers are looking closely for investment opportunities for their clients in this high yielding sector. However, feedback from the market reveals a gap for a truly investable index that allows ETF investors to participate in property investment; the TR/GPR suite of indices will help create those opportunities." The TR/GPR indices complement the Thomson Reuters Real Estate service, a dedicated global market intelligence service for real estate professionals. They combine GPR’s specialist knowledge of researching and indexing global listed real estate markets with Thomson Reuters experience in calculating, maintaining and distributing indices.

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The TR/GPR index values and constituents will be available on Thomson Reuters desktop products. Licences and data feeds are also available.



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