Thomson Reuters, Now the World’s Largest Provider of Trademark Screening Data

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The FINANCIAL — Thomson CompuMark, a Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property & Science business and the global leader in trademark searching and brand protection solutions, today completed the addition  of 136 new databases in its SAEGIS on SERION online trademark screening solution.


As Thomson Reuters reported, with this new content, Thomson CompuMark has become the undisputed world’s largest provider of comprehensive trademark screening data, covering 186 countries and registers.

The implementation of the additional databases, referred to as “One World. One Source.,” contains new trademark data from emergent regions in Central and South America, Asia and the Middle East. The process of building the databases involved gathering public information via networks, publications and third parties as well as leveraging exclusive internal sources.  The result is a user-friendly, one-stop solution containing a thoroughly vetted, reliable and comprehensive collection of searchable trademarks from any registrar in the world. Most databases are available exclusively through SAEGIS.

“Customers drive our business. Based on their feedback, we are proud to offer the entire global network of trademark screening data at their fingertips,” said Anne Olson, vice president, global operations, Thomson CompuMark. “The new era of rapid globalization has arrived. By simplifying their search process we provide a convenient means for quick decision making.”

Customers agree, SAEGIS on SERION’s easy online access offers many benefits beyond providing the best preliminary global overview of trademark availability in the market.

“Because of the speed and scope of SAEGIS, Rouse is saving upwards of fifty to sixty percent, particularly in the difficult, emerging markets,” said Mark Foreman, executive, Rouse. “We no longer need to go to local lawyers on the ground to get some very basic information; it is now available at the push of a button.”

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“The fact that we have clients who have interests in the Middle East stresses the importance of accessing this information,” said Francis Preedy, senior trademark attorney, Hallmark-IP.  “It is often very difficult to get information from those particular databases and we are thrilled to have an alternative solution using SAEGIS.”



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