TNS deciphers social media for deeper insights into customer experience

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The FINANCIAL — With over 500 million tweets published every day, one of the biggest challenges for companies is how to extract meaningful insights about their customers from the mass of information available.

Global research consultancy TNS has developed a new approach to drill down into the huge volumes of customer feedback on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other channels.

Combining traditional surveys with social media analysis, the new approach offers a much deeper insight into how people feel about particular products or services and which areas are most in need of improvement. This allows companies to get strategic direction from survey data, alongside more detailed and personal insights from social media – usually the first port-of-call for people to share their experiences, according to TNS.

A study of British Airways identified 130,000 relevant mentions of the airline in just three months. Through tracking these conversations alongside traditional survey insights, TNS was able to map out the full customer experience, from online booking, to check-in, to in-flight service, to baggage reclaim at the final destination.

The social media listening revealed delayed flights as one of the major factors causing a negative buzz. Meanwhile flight punctuality was not a major driver of customer loyalty. However, the in-depth analysis of the social media conversations around delays identified three areas of improvement for British Airways: information about delays, flexibility in dealing with missed flights and compensation.

These areas were found to be key drivers of customer loyalty and reasons to recommend the brand to others: passengers with good experiences in these areas were four times (information), five times (compensation), or even six times (flexibility) more likely to recommend British Airways.

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Stefan Schmelcher, Global Practice Lead, Customer Strategies at TNS, said:

“The nature of customer feedback in social media is dramatically changing. Many companies, however, are struggling to leverage this valuable information.”

“With our new approach, we help companies to effectively analyse social media data to improve their Customer ROI.”


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