Top 3 Things You Should Do to Make Your Website Successful

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If you are creating your website now, there are tons of things to consider, getting it to the top of the search engine. No matter if you are doing it by yourself or giving the task to the website creator. Also, one of the most important things is website safety. Get Malaysia proxies on to guarantee secure usage of your website. We recommend following these top three tips to make it work right.

UX Design

UX design is extremely important and directly affects the site’s ranking in search engines and SEO. The user must intuitively determine their own steps to get the most complete information. Visitors should enjoy navigating and visiting your site.

Carefully consider the user’s path – from the landing page to the goal, from the product page to the cart, from the service page to the contacts, from blog articles to subscribe to site news. This path should be simple and intuitive. And note that users need to be prompted with clear instructions for action – visible and understandable buttons, internal links, etc.

Think of a balanced hierarchy of pages from important to less important:

  1. Main.
  2. Category.
  3. Rubric.
  4. Page.

For example, for a recipe site, it makes sense to highlight the categories: First courses, Second courses, Desserts, and Salads and continue to fill them with the most popular recipes. Using the free Google Keyword Planner resource, you can get a lot of keywords for each specific section. As you expand each keyword, you can find many related keywords. For example, dumplings → with cheese, cabbage, potatoes, mushrooms, dumplings, etc.

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A clear division of landing pages, when one page is optimized for one specific group of keys, allows you to maximize coverage of queries, win a niche and ensure high relevancy of landing pages.

Semantic Core, Selection of Semantics

The semantic core is a complete list of search queries that best characterize a particular activity, site, or service. With the help of QA, you can clearly understand the features of the search query and are already on its basis to develop a logical structure. Based on semantics, it is easy to understand which markers should be used to group keywords into a semantic field.

A well-chosen semantic core will give you valuable guidance on how to create textual content on the most important pages. You will also be able to build a content strategy for a specialized blog and corporate communication based on it.

Convincing and Interesting Content

Even if the site is young, thanks to the quality of services or goods, it will receive quality targeted traffic. Content planning is based on the fact that at the time of launch you need to have a certain amount of text to place and continue to constantly update the content. Search engines will immediately visit your site, index the pages, and show them to people who are looking for this content.

If you manage to make a name for yourself with professional articles, you will be able to attract a lot of traffic from the first days. We recommend that you find reputable sites with similar topics and place guest articles in them, getting links to your own site. This will increase the credibility of your resource, and with it – the position of your pages and ranking by target search queries.

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