Top 5 Best Investment Avenues in 2019

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Demand breeds supply, and today the investor is offered dozens of venues to invest money in. Some of them are really profitable, while others will hardly bring you any profit. Let’s review the most interesting options where you can invest money in 2019, compare their pros and cons, conditions and benefits!

#1 – Startups

Investments in startups can make you a rich person. That’s true. The only thing here is that you need to find a worthy company with a clear business plan, highly competitive rate, and a clear direction of development. When investing money in a startup company, you should always remember that it will most probably require daily investments. Ready for that? Sure that the company is safe with Bestvpnrating, has real potential, and will become a market leader, go ahead and make an investment.

#2 – PAMM Accounts

A PAMM account is also a great venue for your effective investment in 2019. A professional trader creates a special PAMM account with a broker, which one can then put money on. Profit from this type of trust management is on average 4-6% per month or 80-120% per annum if we consider reinvestment. Moreover, it is reinvestment that allows you to multiply your own profit and earn more than 800%!

#3 – Stock Market

Money deposit in a bank is equal to stock market investment. Both operations are targeted toward obtaining some interest percent from the amount “borrowed.” The only difference between the two is that the stock market is a platform where securities, goods, and even services are sold and bought. The money turnover is more global there, which significantly affects your profit. It is like business safety – once reached, you can expect to get stable and high-level income.

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#4 – Art Objects

It is always a good idea to invest in art objects; thus, you can rest assured about getting a doubled or tripled amount in 5-10 years. The most reliable investments are investments in the works of famous artists of the last century. For example, Andy Warhol’s Lemon Marilyn painting was purchased in 1962 for $250. After 45 years, it was sold for $28 million. Let’s count – it’s 250,000% per annum. Impressive, agree?

#5 – Real Estate

Real estate investments are fairly conservative but still profitable, especially during a crisis and asset depreciation. It is especially profitable to invest in real estate in large cities, crowded places, and resort areas. Real estate investments require big money, which not far from everyone has in their pockets. But you can start something small: invest in the building being built. Upon its completion, the cost of the building will increase significantly.

It is an investment in commercial premises what stable income. These may be warehouses, offices, shops, beauty salons, etc. When purchasing any kind of property, you need to take into account many factors:
its location;
nearby facilities;

All these will make the ecommerce successful and will significantly affect the final price and your profit.


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