Top Growing Industries Of The Last 5 Years

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As we step into 2022, many are taking stock of the current economic landscape. Everything has changed as a result of the pandemic and the various strategies used to combat it. A lot of experts, and even the average person, will go immediately to the negative impacts. Businesses have closed due to lockdowns and people are losing jobs as their industry can’t keep up with the sudden shift to remote operations. Yet there is plenty of opportunity, as well. If you look for it, you can find industries that have thrived through recent hardships. Here are such industries that have seen massive growth over the last five years.

Tabletop Gaming

It might seem weird to suggest that, during a pandemic where people were told to not meet friends in person, board games would be a profitable business in recent years. But actually, the lockdowns gave people time to explore new kinds of entertainment. Board games proved to be particularly popular as they gave families fun with replay value. Tabletop gaming Kickstarters also saw some record breaking funding as gamers got bored of Monopoly and Catan and searched for something new.

A big performer in the space was Dungeons & Dragons. As a game that only requires dice and imagination, the world’s biggest tabletop roleplaying game lent itself well to games over Zoom. D&D has posted its most sales ever in recent years, and with a movie and TV series on the way, the future looks bright for the franchise.

Video Games

Just like how tabletop gaming got popular during lockdowns, video games also saw great growth. Those who lived alone or preferred solitude flocked to new games when they had nothing else to do. Nintendo cashed in big by releasing a new Animal Crossing right when US lockdowns began. The game dominated pop culture for that summer and contributed to Nintendo Switch shortages around the world. Online multiplayer games like Fortnite continue to grow by leveraging smart franchise crossovers with the likes of Marvel and Star Wars.

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Online Gambling

Those looking for a different type of game were in luck when the US Supreme Court overturned a gambling prohibition in 2018. This allowed states to pass online gambling laws and open sports betting. States took advantage quickly, and online gambling became a multi-million dollar industry almost overnight. The convenience of gambling apps opened betting up to millions of new users, many of which eagerly took the chance to drop some cash on their favorite teams.

Sports betting has been the star so far, turning even smaller markets like Arizona into gambling powerhouses. Maryland sports betting is set to take off soon and will probably prove to be another example of how the gambling industry can thrive far away from Las Vegas.

Courier Services

The past two years were defined by the sudden need to have everything shipped instead of going to the store. While the convenience of Amazon was already well understood by the start of the pandemic, its importance was thrust into the spotlight once stores started closing. Amazon has been the most notable beneficiary of the US’ reliance on quick shipping services, but long standing companies like UPS and FedEx have also seen increased demand.

Video Chat

Before 2020, Zoom was a name known only to people in business-oriented jobs. Now it’s a household name. One can only imagine how many Zoom pro accounts have been purchased in the last two years. Another chat service, Discord, saw increased use by gamers and livestreamers. Even as people start returning to the office, remote work will continue to be a reality. No doubt that services like Zoom have cemented their place in business-focused industries for years to come.

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