Toshiba Launches Low Cost T300BMV2 Medium Voltage Adjustable Speed Drive

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The FINANCIAL — Now immediately available, the Toshiba T300BMV2 adjustable speed drive (ASD) utilizes the latest MV2 control platform offered by Toshiba International Corporation (TIC).

The 4160 volt T300BMV2 incorporates reliable multi-level topology with aluminum magnetics, combined with one of the fastest industrial processors available making this ASD a cost-effective solution for many industrial and commercial industries, according to Toshiba.

“The T300BMV2 is a cost effective solution which utilizes the state-of-the-art MV2 control platform,” said Hassan Cherradi, medium voltage drives product manager at TIC. “The T300BMV2 joins the MV2 family of medium voltage adjustable speed drives, extending our legacy of reliability for years to come.”

The T300BMV2 maintains an integral 24-pulse transformer and five-level pulse width modulation with neutral-point clamping technology and removable power modules. In addition, the T300BMV2 drive reduces overall cost by incorporating aluminum magnetics, including the transformer, without reducing efficiency of the drive. Optional pad-lockable integral fused disconnect with viewing is available with no increase to drive footprint. An updated microprocessor allows for faster on-board capabilities with four digital inputs and four digital outputs along with one analog input and one analog output provides flexibility with programming control operations. Applications include fans, pumps, blowers, conveyors, compressors, mixers, mills, and starting duty.


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