Toshiba Launches Next-Generation T300MV2 Medium Voltage Adjustable Speed Drive

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The FINANCIAL — Now in stock and immediately available, the next-generation Toshiba T300MV2 medium voltage adjustable speed drive (ASD) family utilizes the new MV2 control platform and is the most advanced medium voltage drive series offered by Toshiba International Corporation (TIC) in more than 13 years of proven leadership in the medium voltage drives market.

The 4160 volt ASD pairs advanced transistor technology with robust multi-level topology controlled with one of the fastest industrial processors available. Industry demand for the T300MV2 drive includes oil & gas, water/wastewater, power generation, aggregate, mining & minerals, refinery and many other industrial and commercial industries, according to Toshiba.

“Medium voltage insulated gate bipolar transistor technology has continually proven to be the most reliable and best performing means of speed control in our adjustable speed drives,” said Hassan Cherradi, medium voltage drives product manager at TIC. “The T300MV2 drive continues our legacy of reliability with Toshiba’s medium voltage adjustable speed drives.”

The T300MV2 drive features the latest five-level pulse width modulation with neutral-point clamping technology simulates a sinusoidal waveform to the motor. Advanced ASD technology allows for a smaller footprint, a reduced component count, and ultimately, lower costs. In addition, the T300MV2 drive incorporates the latest safety technology, resulting in one of the safest designs on the market.

While maintaining the comprehensive features of three cables in, three cables out, an integral fused-input switch, and integral 24-pulse transformer with a soft-charge reactor, Toshiba medium voltage design incorporates a new control platform for the T300MV2 drive. Expanded control interface with 10 digital inputs and 10 digital outputs along with 3 analog inputs and 3 analog outputs provides additional flexibility with programming. Updated microprocessor allows on-board control capabilities including redundant fans and single drive/motor sync-transfer without PLC and associated wiring. Ethernet Global Data (EGD) and TCNet protocols additions allow the T300MV2 drive to communicate with a wider variety of systems. Applications include fans, pumps, blowers, conveyors, extruders, compressors, mixers, test stands, crushers, mills, sync-transfer, and starting duty.

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