Total Announces Third 2018 Interim Dividend

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The FINANCIAL — In accordance with the Board of Directors decision of February 7, 2018 regarding the 2018-20 shareholder return policy, the third 2018 interim dividend is set at 0.64 euro per share, an increase of 3.2% compared to the three interim dividends and the final dividend paid for the 2017 fiscal year. This interim dividend is stable compared to the second 2018 interim dividend.

The Board of Directors will meet on March 13, 2019, to declare the distribution conditions of this third 2018 interim dividend payment.

According to the fourth resolution adopted by the Combined General Meeting of June 1, 2018, the option to pay this third 2018 interim dividend in new shares of the company will be proposed to shareholders and the payment will be made according to the following timetable:

In order to avoid dilution in connection with the issuance of new shares, the Group will proceed to buy back the newly issued shares in order to cancel them.

Registered ADR holders may also contact JP Morgan Chase Bank for additional information. Non-registered ADR holders should contact their broker, financial intermediary, bank or financial institution for additional information.


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