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Ways to Get Away

Ways to Get Away

The FINANCIAL -- Taking vacation is a way to get away for a few days from the fast-paced modern world. But do people take all vacation days available to them? Do they fully disconnect when they are away?  Ipsos Global advisor poll reveals opinions of citizens in 27 countries around the world about taking time off.

Time away from home

Just like last year, the majority (61%) of citizens across 27 countries agree that they have, or will spend at least one week away from home on vacation. However, there are some significant differences on a country by country level. Compared to last year, Turkey (74%, +9 pts.), China (62%, +8 pts.) and Sweden (72%, + 6pts.) have shown the largest increase among respondents who agree that they have, or will spend at least a week away from home. The number of respondents who agree with this statement has decreased most significantly in South Africa (57%, -12 pts.), Canada (56%, -7 pts.), France (59%, -7 pts.) and Spain (60%, -5 pts.).

Use them or lose them

Nearly two thirds (65%) of respondents agree that they will use up all vacation days that they are given. While the global number holds steady compared to last year, the most significant increase in a number of respondents who agree with this statement is found in Australia (53%, + 7pts.), France (66%, + 5 pts.), India (72%, + 5 pts.) and Saudi Arabia (81%, + 5 pts.). Most notable declines compared to last year are in Spain (71%, - 9 pts.), Belgium (78%, - 7 pts.), Hungary (69%, - 7 pts.) and South Korea (54%, - 6 pt.).

Put that phone away

Nearly half (47%) of respondents agree they never check work messages/emails while on vacation. The global average inched up one point since 2017. However, while the majority of countries see the number of people who chose to unplug on vacation increase compared to last year, most notably in China (44%, + 7 pts.), Sweden (58%, + 7 pts.), Peru (49%, + 6 pts.), India (54%, + 5 pts.), Saudi Arabia (53%, + 5 pts.) and Turkey (44%, + 5 pts.), the number of respondents who do not check their messages on vacation has declined in Poland (50%, - 7 pts.), Hungary (47%, - 6 pts.), Belgium (47%, - 7 pts.), South Africa (35%, - 5 pts.) and the United States (48%, - 4 pts.).


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