Training to help Georgian farmers understand EU food safety and quality standards

The FINANCIAL — A training seminar organised this week in the Georgian capital Tbilisi focused on increasing awareness of food safety and quality standards, including relevant information for farmers, farmer groups and cooperatives, in the context of Georgia’s Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) agreement with the EU.

The seminar gathered representatives of civil society organisations from rural areas of Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Kakheti and Kvemo Kartli regions, according to the EU Neighbours portal.

It covered topics such as food safety requirements for the placement of products produced in Georgia on the EU market, the difference between the current and previous food safety systems, good manufacturing practices, good hygiene practices, food safety management systems, hazard analysis and the Critical Control Points system.

The training seminar was organised within the EU-funded project “”Civil Society Organizations Supporting Free Trade with Europe”. The project is part of the EU’s assistance to the Government of Georgia in the implementation of the DCFTA, which will support Georgia’s integration into the EU market. The project is implemented by Czech NGO “People in Need” (PIN) with several partner organisations in the country.


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