Trump To Address ‘Iran, Skripal Case’ During UN Assembly Speech

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The FINANCIAL — WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump will speak about Iran, the Skripal poisoning case in England, chemical weapons, and North Korea when he addresses the United Nations next week, the U.S. ambassador says.


Trump will address the General Assembly’s 193 member nations at the official opening on September 25 and the next day chair a Security Council meeting focusing on Iran, nonproliferation, and chemical weapons attacks in Syria and Britain.

Trump in May pulled out of the 2015 nuclear accord that Iran signed with six world powers and last month began reimposing sanctions that had been eased as part of the deal in return for curbs on Tehran’s nuclear program.

The other signatories of the accord have vowed to remain in the deal amid threats by Washington to sanction any companies that continue to deal with Tehran.

Western powers have expressed concerns that the Syrian government could use chemical weapons as it launches an offensive in Idlib Province to drive out the remnants of rebel fighters in that country’s seven-year civil war.

Haley said Trump will also discuss North Korea and efforts to bring about denuclearization on the peninsula.

The president will address “the fact that we had to take on the Russian incident in the U.K. with the Skripals,” she added, referring to the Novichok poisoning case in the English city of Salisbury that the West has blamed on Russia. Moscow has denied the allegations.

Haley was not more specific on what Trump would say on the issues listed.

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She said the president will also discuss foreign aid but would “lay down a marker that while the U.S. is generous, we are going to be generous to those who share our values and not those who try to stop the United States and say they hate America.”

She acknowledged that many countries are upset with U.S. policies, but she said that was because “we’re being strong again” and that “we’re not going to have these multilateral organizations mandate” U.S. actions.

Trump has so far pulled out of several international accords, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, the Paris climate accord, and the UN’s science, educational, and cultural organization.



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