Tskaltubo Plaza Hotel to Become Hub of Health and Wellness

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Located in spa resort town of Tskaltubo, in the central part of west Georgia, Tskaltubo Plaza Hotel is tipped to become health and wellness hub, offering guests a high level and trustworthy service in a comfortable, healthy environment.

“We have recently opened a swimming pool which is available not only for our guests but also for every resident of the town as well. Our hotel is involved in promoting of healthy lifestyle, and in addition to the swimming pool we are going to develop the sports hall,” said the General Manager of the Hotel, Lika Davitashvili.

She added that the Hotel’s management is significantly developing the health and wellness services and even planned master-classes involving highly qualified doctors.

And most importantly, Tskaltubo Plaza Hotel focuses on environmental protection as it maximally takes care of surrounding greenery.

“We are going to develop the Hotel’s outdoor area as an ecologically clean recreational zone. These steps will be important for both the hotel and the town’s environmental development,” Davitashvili said.

Tskaltubo Plaza is located in the centre of the main square of Tskaltubo city. There are several spa centres near the Hotel, so guests will have the pleasant opportunity to be within walking distance of all these leisure facilities. This makes hotel Tskaltubo Plaza even more attractive to visitors

The Hotel offers 76 rooms of five different types, from a standard room to an apartment-style one.

The Hotel has a restaurant that can cater for up to 220 people as well as a separate bar; a conference room; a spa,Gym; outdoor pool; sauna; and courtyard.

Opened in 2015, Tskaltubo Plaza Hotel soon succeeded and became one of the most distinguished hotels in Georgia. This year Tskaltubo Plaza Hotel received its first Golden Brand award in the nomination of ‘Holiday Resort Hotel’ and it’s not surprising as the Hotel offers high quality services to fulfil customers’ needs.

Davitashvili said that the management of the Hotel continuously follows the new trends of the world’s hospitality sector in order not to fall behind the global development.

Q. The rating of Tskaltubo Plaza went up to 9.0 in 2018 on Booking.com based on the reviews of 170 guests. How did the Hotel achieve this impressive result?

A. First of all I want to say thank you to each and every Booking.com guest for their feedback. According to the reviews of 157 guests the rating of the Hotel was 8.8 in 2017, and has gone up to 9.0 in 2018, based on reviews from 170 guests.

We value their opinion the most and our team will do its best to meet their expectations in the future as well.

As for how we achieved this result, I want to highlight that our hotel has not been developing only one aspect. In addition to meeting the approval standards already tested in the world, we are constantly trying to offer our guests new opportunities, so when they come back to visit our hotel they will enjoy an improved service.

Q. How many guests did the Hotel host in 2018 and by what percentage had the numbers grown in comparison to 2017?

A. In 2018 Tskaltubo Plaza Hotel hosted 27,450 guests. This is a 20-25% year-on-year increase.

Our hotel covers a diverse segment and our prices are affordable for all of them. Everyone who wants to enjoy a peace and luxury, or simply wants to spend a few days of holiday at our hotel are welcome.

Prices vary according to the seasons, but are affordable even during peak periods as well.

Q. What is the contribution of Tskaltubo Plaza Hotel to the development of Tskaltubo Resort in general?

A. We have created a good quality and price worthy choice for the tourists visiting the cities of Tskaltubo and Kutaisi. In the past, foreign tourists were deterred from long-term visits to Georgia’s Imereti region because there were no high standard hotels to offer them, however, nowadays the number of tourists has increased  in Tskaltubo. Our main goal is to make sure that our guests’ stay is not only beneficial for their health but also culturally and leisurely attractive. In previous years we have hosted exhibitions of Georgian artists, musical events, and we will continue to promote Georgian culture in this way.

Q. Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand award. In your opinion, why did Tskaltubo Plaza receive this award?

A. If we sum up all of the above-mentioned activities of our hotel – how it contributes to the development of the entire region; how it tries to develop a healthy lifestyle; promote Georgian culture, etc., it’s not surprising that the Golden Brand experts noticed these efforts.

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