U.S. Exports in April Hit $182.9 Billion

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The FINANCIAL — The United States exported $182.9 billion in goods and services in April 2012, according to data released today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the U.S. Commerce Department.


Compared to the same time period in 2011, there has been increased activity in Australia ($9.9 billion, +26.3%), the Middle East ($2.1 billion, +23.1%), and China ($3.5 billion, +4.3%). According to Ex-Im Bank, additionally, fiscal year-to-date authorizations through May 31 for the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) are up from $20.4 billion in 2011 to $21.9 billion in 2012.

"These results demonstrate that U.S. exports remain strong even though there has been economic uncertainty throughout Europe, said Fred P. Hochberg, the chairman and president of Ex-Im Bank. "Exports continue to offer American companies extraordinary opportunities to boost sales to the 95 percent of the world's customers that are located outside the U.S."

Exports of goods and services over the last twelve months totaled $2.145 trillion, which is 35.8 percent above the level of exports in 2009 and a record for the United States. Over the last twelve months, exports have been growing at an annualized rate of 14.0 percent when compared to 2009.

"Over the last twelve months, the major export markets with the largest annualized increase in U.S. goods purchases were Panama (37.2 percent), Turkey (33.0 percent), Argentina (29.8 percent), Chile (29.5 percent), Honduras (29.4 percent), Hong Kong (28.9 percent), Peru (27.9 percent), Russia (27.0 percent), Brazil (24.6 percent), and Ecuador (23.0 percent). Of these, Brazil and Turkey are among the nine countries that Ex-Im has identified as having the greatest sales potential for U.S. companies. The other seven countries are Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, and Vietnam.

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