UAB Walletto is actively developing new programs to issue and acquire Visa and Mastercard payment cards

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UAB Walletto financial services provider officially registered in Lithuania, which also has the status of a Principal member of the Visa and Mastercard as an Issuer and an Acquirer, continues to develop a wide range of advanced programs to issue and acquire payment cards. 

It is worth noting that Walletto focuses primarily on the B2B segment, thus the company is actively introducing new products, improving existing services, and implementing innovative banking solutions for its customers. As of today, the company offers its customers a wide range of exclusive and the most innovative programs for issuing and acquiring payment cards and payments (SEPA, SEPA mass payment, SWIFT). 

“BIN sponsorship of Walletto is the most popular way to launch White Label payment card programs with licensed financial institutions. We offer a fully certified and secure solution that is fully compliant with all requirements of both the payment card issuer and the payment processor. It is also worth noting that all Visa cards issued by Walletto support Google Pay and Apple Pay payments,” said the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Walletto Edgars Lasmanis.

Representatives of the company remind the audience that the Walletto card issuance platform provides a comprehensive approach to setting up and managing all cards with the highest level of security.

Edgars Lasmanis has 20 years of experience in the financial sector. He has also worked in senior positions in various European banks specializing in private banking and acquiring services. 

The Walletto Company was founded in 2017, then the management of the company received an electronic money license in Lithuania. The head office of the financial institution is located in Vilnius. Walletto has also received a Principal membership in Visa and Mastercard and became a member of STEP2 and SWIFT systems.

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Walletto provides services in the following areas:

– Issuing (BIN sponsorship, co-branded cards, White Label card programs, Visa and Mastercard cards available)

– Acquiring (acceptance of payments made with Visa and Mastercard cards)

– Payments (IBAN account opening, SEPA, SEPA mass payment, and SWIFT)

Furthermore, the turnover of the company in 2021 is 19.6 million euros, which is 40% more than in 2020. Currently, 70 employees are working in the company.

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