Ukraine: agricultural commodity exports provide 30 mln USD of earnings daily

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The FINANCIAL — The exports of agricultural commodities from Ukraine ensures the supply of 30 mln USD per day, declared Oleksiy Pavlenko, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, on June 25, according to APK Inform.

He reminded that during the whole years of independence, Ukraine reached the record index of grain exports – almost 34 mln tonnes. Also, during five months the exports of poultry meat increased by 8%, soybean meal – up 70%, and vegetable oils – up 15%.

During 10 recent years, the country increased its agricultural commodity exports by 3.6 times, to 17 bln USD. The agricultural industry forms more than one third of the general exports, and 12% of the total GDP, the Minister added.

Also, O.Pavlenko stressed that diversification of foreign trading operations from the Russian market towards the Asian, European and African markets, allowed to Ukraine to increase the export results. For example, the commodity exports to Asia and the Middle East grew by 10%, the EU – up 6%.


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