Ukraine: as of December 1, grain stocks totaled 30.8 mln tonnes

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The FINANCIAL — As of December 1, 2015, agricultural enterprises (excluding small-scale ones), and grain storage and processing enterprises of Ukraine, stocked 30.8 mln tonnes of grains (including 12.5 mln tonnes of wheat, 2.2 mln tonnes of barley, 14.7 mln tonnes of corn, 0.1 mln tonnes of rye), a decrease of 0.2% compared with the same date in 2014, declared the State Statistics Service of Ukraine on December 16.

In particular, directly agrarian companies stored 18.4 mln tonnes of grains (up 5%), including 7.6 mln tonnes of wheat, 1.7 mln tonnes of barley, 7.9 mln tonnes of corn, and 0.1 mln tonnes of rye. But the grain storage and processing enterprises stored 12.4 mln tonnes of grains (down 7% compared with last year), according to APK-Inform.

As of December 1, in Ukraine sunflower seed carry-over stocks totaled 6.9 mln tonnes, up 12% compared with the same date in 2014. Directly agricultural enterprises (except of small ones) stored 4.2 mln tonnes of the oilseed, up 17% compared with December 1, 2014; but the enterprises engaged in processing and storage of sunflower seed – 2.7 mln tonnes (up 5%).


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