Ukraine can provide one half import volumes of sunflower oil to Turkey

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The FINANCIAL — While analyzing the geography of export supplies of Ukrainian sunflower oil, it should be noted that along with India and China, Turkey became the active buyer of such commodity. Traditionally, it comes to the TOP-10 of countries-importers, and purchases 4-10% of the annual foreign supplies of sunflower oil from Ukraine.

At the same time, during 5 recent seasons Ukraine supplied the maximum volumes of sunflower oil to Turkey in 2012/13 MY, which totaled 307 thsd tonnes, or 9.5% of the general exports. In the following years, the export volumes to the country somewhat reduced, and showed rarther fluctuating character, due to close cooperation between Turkey and Russia in the reporting market segment, according to APK-Inform.

Also, during several recent years Turkey started systematically increasing the import volumes of sunflower oil, which may lead to increasing of grain deliveries from Ukraine in terms of the current strains in relations with Russia. As for the presence of Ukrainian sunflower oil on the Turkish market, we should note that in 2012/13 MY the Ukrainian commodity formed 47% of the general purchasing volumes. During 3 recent seasons, there was observed somewhat lower share of Ukrainian sunflower oil in the structure of Turkish imports, but the dynamics of foreign supplies showed a rising trend.

According to the USDA data, in 2014/15 MY Turkey purchased more than 175 thsd tonnes of Ukrainian sunflower oil, or 22% of the general import volumes of the commodity to the country at 814 thsd tonnes. During 5 months of the current season, Ukraine supplied more than 110 thsd tonnes of Ukrainian sunflower oil to Turkey, which will allow to exceed the previous season index in terms of keeping of the current shipment rates. Moreover, the trade dynamics with sunflower oil between Ukraine and Turkey shows that in some time, the Ukrainian commodity will completely conquer more than half of the Turkish sunflower oil imports.

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